All I am seeing just now on “home style” sites is how to clean your wooden chopping board or for the more discerning amongst us) a butchers block. I’m obviously late to this party. For the last 22 years I have been cleaning my wooden chopping boards (I have had more than 1 over the years!) with hot water and washing up liquid…….. So it’s time to see if any of these methods work better than good old soap and water.


This week, I will be trying the salt and lemon method.

I’ve got my chopping board and I’ve sprinkled it with coarse salt and rubbed it vigorously with half a lemon. Then I get to leave it for 5 minutes while the salt and lemon work their magic.

Now for the potentially gross part of scraping the salt and lemon concoction off the board and then a quick rinse with water, leave it to dry and here are the results. It looks brighter and smells fresh – this seems to work!

The results!

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